Rocco Silano – Michelangelo of Magic


Rocco Silano: Michelangelo of Magic

Master magician Rocco Silano, an extraordinary sleight-of-hand artist and TV actor is charming audiences around the world with his unique style of magic. Legendary magician Harry Blackstone Jr. described Rocco as “The epitome of real magic”. With movie star good looks, Silano carries with him all of the elements so crucial for “extraordinary magic”. Poise, wit, charisma, and a European style of charm that is totally disarming, along with impeccable sleight of hand.This Paterson, NJ native says his magic career really began when he won the Golden Lion Award for stage and close-up magic from Siegfried & Roy at the Las Vegas Desert Seminar in 1986. Rocco is a two-time winner of the coveted Manhattan Association of Cabarets Award, and has been nominated nine times as “Magician  of the Year” by the Academy of Magical Arts (the governing body of the Magic Castle) in four different categories. He has won the prestigious Merlin awardtwice and the Mandrake awardonce.

Rocco is the only American to win awards at two FISM (Federacion Internacional Societes de Magique) World Tournaments, the most prestigious Magic Organization in the World; 1994 in Yokohama, Japan, and world’s “Most Original Magic Act” in 2006 in Stockholm, Sweden. Rocco has literally performed his way around the world from the Poly theatres in China, the Grace Kelly theatre in Monte Carlo, the Crazy Horse Cabaret in Paris, France to venues in numerous other countries. He has appeared numerous times on the “Master’s of Illusion” TV series and has starred on VH1’s magic reality series “Celebracadabra”. In addition to American TV, Rocco has performed on International TV in countries from China to Spain to Italy to name just a few. He has performed for such luminaries as Michael Jackson, Muhammed Ali and the Queen of England. Rocco performs as the main act regularly at the Magic Castle in Hollywood California and recently set a 5-10 year goal to take the performance side of his art to the next level. He is extremely interested in hearing about what your entertainment venue has to offer.
Description From Merlin Awards Founder Tony Hissini: In 1986, I took notice of another very talented young man from New Jersey, Rocco Silano. I presented the Merlin Award to Rocco Silano for Magician of the year. And he too told me that the Merlin Award Gave him the inspiration to become the best he could be. The following year, in 1987, Rocco won the grand prize at the magic competition in the Las Vegas Desert Magic Seminar. And he also won the Seigfried & Roy Golden Lions Head award. Rocco is well-known for the D’Lite, which is the most -sold magic item in the world. Although Rocco made teaching videos, teaching his entire act on several videos, nobody was able to duplicate his act. His timing and misdirection are impeccable. He became the Michelangelo of magic”.



Rocco: The Art of Giving

Rocco the magician walks among us like an ordinary man. He offers you a friendly smile and nods towards the shelled peanuts in his hand, encouraging you to eat some of them.

Take Two #67: Rocco

There is no other magician quite like Rocco. The instant he takes the stage, the magic that unfolds is unlike anything you have seen before. Feats of Protean texture unfold, portraying